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Tip of the Day

Square Your Club At Impact to Hit Straighter, More Consistent Shots

Learn to Square Your Club At Impact to Hit Straighter, More Consistent Shots

One way to guarantee that you hit straight shots is to make sure that the clubface is square to your target at impact. The quickest way for you to learn to square your club at impact is to practice what I call the Horizontal Drill. (This is always the first drill used when teaching people to play Natural Golf)

Here is how the drill works:

1. First, hold the club horizontally in front of your face with the right hand (for Natural Golfers, make sure you are using the Natural Palm Grip and that you are using the Straight Line Relationship).

2. Add your left hand to the club

3. Turn your left arm and shoulder while folding your right elbow (be sure to keep the right elbow in close to your body for a compact, powerful swing)

4. Return your arms to the starting position so that the right arm straightens

Next, tilt the angle of your spine slightly so that the head of the club is now between the ground and the horizontal position you were just in and repeat these 4 steps.

Now, tilt your spine again until you ground the head of the club behind a tee marking where a ball will be in the next step. Repeat the 4 steps again.

Now, place a ball on the tee. As you follow the same arm-and-shoulder moving step, keep the backswing abbreviated. Your hands should go no higher that your hips.

As the ball leaves the clubface at impact and the arms straighten, it is very important that you "freeze" your arms-extended position for a full five-second count. You should perform the four stages of this drill at slow, and half and three-quarter speeds.

This drill will teach you to become acutely aware of the clubface's square relationship to the target. Do 10 repetitions of this drill without interruption. If possible, have a friend or a "learner's caddie" r e-tee the ball for you between repetitions.

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