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Tip of the Day

Proper Grip

Leadbetter's Point of View

Realize that Hogan fought a devastating hook for most of his early career. By devastating, we're talking low and hard left-to-left. Here's what he said:

"I hate a hook. It nauseates me. I could vomit when I see one."

So, Hogan built an anti-hook grip. Problem is most golfers don't hook, they slice.

Realize, too, that Hogan was an exceptional athlete who had strong, fast hands, and an amazing flexibility in his wrist/thumb area. 99% of the amateurs I teach don't have that strength or flexibility.

Hence, I teach a "stronger" grip. The left hand is turned to the right and two or three knuckles are visible to the golfer.

The Leadbetter Slice Cure

A palmish grip tends to "freeze" the wrist action which is exactly what Hogan wanted. But for the average golfer, frozen wrists spell a feeling of a lack of power. What happens? The amateur tries to force some motion into the swing. Tension is created. The golf club slows and is moved off line.

A solution is available. Let me give you a brief overview positioning the left hand properly.

The golfer feels that the club is in balance and that little, if any, effort is required to produce power and "snap" in the swing.

Your task for the coming week? Practice your grip. Don't worry about hitting balls. Don't even worry about practice swings. Just spend time carefully placing your hands on the club, modeling the pictures we have given you.

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